How to Calculate Pips on Tradingview

how to calculate pips on tradingview

Understanding the Concept of Pips in Forex Trading

Before learning how to calculate pips on TradingView, it is crucial to understand what pips are and their significance in forex trading. Pips, short for "percentage in point," represent the smallest unit of price movement in currency pairs.

Using the Pip Calculation Formula

To calculate pips accurately, you need to know the pip calculation formula. Typically, it involves considering the decimal places of the currency pairs being traded. The formula for most currency pairs is:

Pip Value = (0.0001 / Exchange Rate) x Trade Size

Determining the Decimal Places of the Currency Pair

Each currency pair has a different number of decimal places, which affects the pip value calculation. For example, currency pairs with JPY as the quote currency have two decimal places instead of four. It is essential to identify the specific number of decimal places for the currency pair you are trading.

Calculating Pips using TradingView's Charting Platform

TradingView provides tools and features to help traders calculate pips effectively. You can measure pip distances on a price chart and determine the number of pips gained or lost by analyzing the price movement. Follow these steps:

  1. Select a currency pair on TradingView.
  2. Identify two consecutive significant highs or lows on the chart.
  3. Measure the distance in pips between them by using the crosshair tool.

Considering the Base Currency and Quote Currency

Understanding the base currency and quote currency is crucial in pip calculations. The base currency is the first currency in the pair, whereas the quote currency is the second. Changes in exchange rates between the two currencies affect the pip values.

Taking into Account the Lot Size and Trade Volume

Lot size and trade volume also play a role in pip value calculations. Different lot sizes and trade volumes can result in varying pip values. Traders must consider these factors while calculating pips to accurately determine profits or losses.

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Examples and Step-by-Step Calculations

Let's take a practical example to understand pip calculation better:

Example: You are trading EUR/USD with an exchange rate of 1.2500 and a trade size of 10,000 units.

Pip Value = (0.0001 / 1.2500) x 10,000 = 0.80 USD

This means that each pip movement in this trade is equivalent to 0.80 USD.


Calculating pips on TradingView is essential for forex traders to determine their profits or losses accurately. By understanding the concept of pips, using the pip calculation formula, considering currency pair decimal places, and utilizing TradingView's charting platform effectively, traders can calculate pips with precision.


Q: Can I calculate pips on TradingView for cryptocurrency pairs?

A: No, pips are primarily used in forex trading, and TradingView's charting platform is tailored for forex markets.

Q: Does the pip value change for different account currencies?

A: Yes, the pip value may vary if your account currency is different from the base currency in the currency pair you are trading. Make sure to consider the exchange rate between your account currency and the base currency.

Q: Are pips the same as points?

A: No, pips and points are similar concepts but not identical. Pips refer to the minimum price movement in forex, whereas points can denote different values in various contexts.

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